CBP2-HC381 Euro-Style PCB Terminal Blocks


CBP2-HC381 PCB Terminal Blocks

CBP2-HC381 Euro-Style PCB Terminal Blocks, 3.81mm pitch, 10A 300VAC, Accepts wire range 26~16 AWG, 2-Pole and 24-Pole Euro-Style Fixed Mount PCB Terminal Blocks.

  • Rating: 10A 300VAC
  • Pitch: 3.81mm pitch
  • Poles: 2P ~ 16P
Model Number: CBP2-HC381 Category: Euro-Style PCB Terminal Blocks Tags: Euro-Style PCB Terminal Blocks
Product Specifications
CBP2-HC381 Euro-Style PCB Terminal Blocks
Model Number CBP2-HC381
Rating 10A 300VAC
Body Material Polyamide 66, Green
Screw M2, Steel, Nickel Plated
Wire Cage Brass, 0.6t, Nickel Plated
Solder Pin Brass, 0.5t, Tin Plated
Working Temperature -40˚C to +105˚C
Insulation withstand Voltage AC2000V/min
Insulation resistance 500MΩ or more at DC 500V
Wire Range 26~16 AWG
Max. Torque Value 2Kg/cm
Poles 2P ~ 16P
Pitch 3.81mm
Place of Origin Taiwan
CBP2-HC381 Series Dimensional Drawing
CBP2-HC381 Euro-Style PCB Terminal Blocks Dimensional
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CBP2-HC381 Series

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