CBP1-381 Series Pluggable Terminal Blocks

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CBP1-381 Series PCB Terminal Blocks

CBP1-381 Series Pluggable Terminal Blocks, 3.81mm pitch, 10A 300VAC, Accepts wire range 26~16 AWG, 2- to 16-Pole Euro-Style PCB Terminal Blocks.

  • Rating: 10A 300VAC
  • Pitch: 3.81mm
  • Poles: 2P~16P
Model Number: CBP1-381 Category: Pluggable Terminal Blocks Tags: Pluggable Terminal Blocks
Product Specifications
CBP1-381 Pluggable Terminal Blocks
Model Number CBP1-381
Rating 10A 300VAC
Contact Phosphor Bronze, 0.3t, Nickel Plated
Body Material Polyamide 66, Green
Screw M2.0, Steel, Zine Plated
Cage clamp Brass, 0.7t, Nickel Plated
Solder Pin 0.8mm Brass, Tin Plated
Working Temperature -40˚C to +105˚C
Insulation withstand Voltage AC2000V/min
Insulation resistance 500MΩ or more at DC 500V
Wire Range 26~16 AWG
Max. Torque Value 3Kg/cm
Poles 2P~16P
Pitch 3.81mm
Place of Origin Taiwan
CBP1-381 Series Dimensional Drawing
CBP1-381K Pluggable Terminal Blocks
CBP1-381K Dimensional
CBP1-381R Pluggable Terminal Blocks
CBP1-381R Dimensional
CBP1-381V Pluggable Terminal Blocks
CBP1-381V Dimensional
CBP1-381AK Pluggable Terminal Blocks
CBP1-381AK Dimensional
CBP1-381AR Pluggable Terminal Blocks
CBP1-381AR Dimensional
CBP1-381AV Pluggable Terminal Blocks
CBP1-381AV Dimensional
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CBP1-381 Series

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